Monday, January 2, 2012

Bare - "Gryllz" ★★★★☆

Honestly this song is badass/brostep.
If you clicked 'dub more >>>' then obviously you want to learn a bit about this artist, and also see how I review this song. In that case, I'll spill a little bit about it.
This track was uploaded by 'Bare' ,a new Dubstep producer, about a year ago. His real name is Sean Rodela, and was born and raised on the West Coast United States. Los Angeles to be exact. He has worked with many electronic music producers such as Dieselboy, Excision, and Borgore. This past february saw his first vinyl release, 'Culture' , via Terminal Dusk Recordings. He is surely on the up-rise, with thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook likes. You know this doesn't mean he has good music, considering that Bieber kid has millions of likes and followers, but I assure you, Bare has your back when it comes to bringing heat to this Dubstep genre. You can find most of his booking information HERE , in case you want to have a bumpin' party! I would also suggest reading his biography information, its very vague and doesn't tell much about him, but it has great adjectives describing his music. These included 'face-melting' to 'dancefloor annihilating' all the way to 'elegant'. To hear more, his soundcloud is right......HERE so you can check out more tracks, for your personal enjoyment.
On to the review of this song, which in my opinion should be considered brostep. Starts off with a clip from the Nelly song "Grills". Then dives right into wobbles and kicks for all of your dubstep needs. I wouldn't suggest doing any homework while listening to this song, I was confused to begin with, trying to type this out. The song is 1:40 of pure WTF. Makes my face tingly just thinking about it. Unlike most dub, the drop is a few seconds in, leading you to instant satisfaction. The thing is it ends somewhat abruptly, so I took away a star. Bottom line is, 4 stars for "Niiiiice!" 

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